Friday, 14 December 2012

Stone Bowl

I just mentioned my favourite stone bowl the other day, and for most of the time it remains empty, as it is such a beautiful shape, texture and colour on its own - I bought it from Rowen & Wren who have a passion for beautiful objects  - their collections, stunning photography and styling are truly inspiring.

One of the first things I made when I started chiseling stone, was a bowl shape - the outside of the bowl was left natural stone, and I just hollowed out the inner.  It was very satisfying to make - bowl shapes are satisfying.  

From the earliest times it seems  we have been making bowls - examples are unearthed regularly - bowls for holding things, for containers, for cooking, grinding and for decoration.

What artistry in functional objects!

And I must share with you Aileen Ann Brannigan's heavenly carved stone bowls.



  1. Some of those Islamic stone bowls are just beautiful too, aren't they? A perfect circle, but broken by a little imperfect lip.

    1. Yes indeed, and the incredible and detailed geometric patterns often carved on them!


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