Saturday, 15 December 2012

Rare Breeds - Goatling

Stone carved ornament - Goatling

This is one-of-a-kind of course - new in my shop - and last remaining in the species!  While making Goatling I was reminded of a recent Countryfile programme featuring Welsh Mountain sheep.  I've never seen sheep like this before - Badger Sheep.

Very handsome!  There are two types within the breed, the "black-bellied", which has a white fleece with dark face and belly, and the"white-bellied", which has a black body with a white belly and white stripes over the eyes.  In both types, ewes are *polled  and rams are horned. Although this breeds grows wool, it is primarily raised for meat.

*polled -  Polled livestock are livestock without horns in species which normally are horned. The term refers both to breeds or strains which are naturally polled through selective breeding, and also to naturally horned animals which have been de-horned. Natural polling occurs in cattle, yaks, water-buffalo and goats, and in these it affects both sexes equally; however in sheep, both sexes may be horned, both polled, or only the females polled.
This breed of sheep is extremely hardy and able to graze rough hills and terrain.

A bit like my 'unpolled' Goatling!

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