Sunday, 30 December 2012

Earth Matters

This is from Trend Tablet and it slowed my pace, made me think and quickened my heart.

the story

she is talking loud and clear.
she is protesting violently with frontal attacks.
she is flooding her tears on the world and shaking off
buildings and people like flies. she is spitting her anger in the air.
she has had enough and is tired of accommodating further abuse.
torrential floods, severe draughts, unpredictable climates,
erupting volcanoes and multiple earthquakes are the result.

the earth is hurt and emptied.
she feels gang-raped and shackled.
most fossil fluids and matter are taken from her
and most stones and metals are gone.
most material is transformed into buildings
and most forests have become furniture.
most boulders are carved into bathrooms.
most gems are dancing, adorning human skin.
most crystals have become chandeliers.
most water is spoiled and most food is spilled.
most fields are wasted and most jungles untangled.

we have taken it all and it is still not enough;
we have taken it all and transformed it into waste
which we give back to the earth
as a poisonous present and
as an unsolvable mass of matter.
this century is bringing a moment of reflection and radical change,
making up for a century of abuse, greed and violence.
for the first time a post fossil society is emerging,
giving man much hope and faith in the future.
resetting attitude and mentality towards
more respect for the earth and each other.

therefore fashion will be mining mental matter;
taking inspiration from earth and trying to give back its beauty and strength;
restoring her self-respect and reflecting on the huge gift
this planet was, and still will be for us humans.

a wealth of ideas will sprout from the earth,
analyzing all her entrails and components,
to be transformed into dimensional textiles and earthbound colours.

our entente with nature will be re-written and re-invented;
we will try to live together in a more harmonious way,
giving and taking, and caring for each other.
a more intimate and intuitive relationship will be the result,
based on primitive emotions and ancient rituals and archaic systems,
re-inventing animism.

- lidewij edelkoort


  1. North American indians used to apologise to her for digging up potatoes.

    1. Tom, if only we had listened better to their teachings and ways - we seem to have lost our connection to earth and any intuitive care - we do need to see change don't we?

  2. one can only hope and hope that the change doesn't come too late.

    1. We have plenty to mourn where it has been too little, too late - but as you say, we hope and try to each of us, do our best to make change happen.

  3. All we can do is hope, and each one of us do our best. What a thought provoking poem for the turn of another year.

    1. It has certainly been churning away in my mind since I read it - and has galvanised some ideas for New Year resolutions!


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