Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Drove or 'Murchland'

The collective name for Hares is a Drove - 'murchen' being the Scots word for a hare their word is 'Murchland' - which I think sounds lovely.

Other names I've heard of are a Trip, Down or Husk of Hares - anyway here are my lot .......

Hares carved in Sandstone by Jennifer Tetlow

They are carved in my favourite Sandstone, which is almost the colour of a Brown Hare anyway, but it can also have these beautiful rusty markings - which have given every Hare its own different character making each one absolutely unique.

I'm busy making Droves, and Gaggles for Christmas orders and busily packaging them for safe journeys to their new homes.

So many people have asked me about the Hares and Geese, and where they can buy them - so I've opened a little shop, MY SHOP - where you will find them.   Other items will be added as they are finished - so keep popping back to see what is new.

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