Thursday, 14 April 2011

I'm Celebrating!

A note came through - 'you're getting an award' - and there, moments later it was, bestowed upon me by the multi-talented Belinda at Wild Acre - go and see her glorious images - she's a genius with a camera!  Of course I would be saying how good she was, as she gave me an award, but it is special because it came from her in particular at the friendliest and most glamourous Wild Acre I know.

To mark the occasion, I thought I would go with flowers too.

Flower Plaque - Yorkstone - © Jennifer Tetlow

Yorkshire Rose - Yorkstone - © Jennifer Tetlow

After the congratulatory applause has died down, I make a speech, and it is to say thankyou Belinda, and a really big thankyou too, to all those who pressed the 'follow' button, it is lovely to have you here, I love your company and comments - this bunch of flowers is for you!  Cheers all!

Figure with Flowers - Yorkstone - © Jennifer Tetlow


  1. Thanks for the lovely words, it was a no-brainer your blog and work is the real deal, I'm in constant awe of your achievements.x

  2. very well done Jennifer! brilliant :) thankyou for the flowers! Jules

  3. love the flower plaque with the glories but oh oh oh, the figure with flowers is so cool.


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