Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Great Yorkshire Show

Yesterday morning I set off early for a meeting in Harrogate at the Yorkshire Agricultural Society premises at the Showground.  This is an impressive building - it is a green development completed in 2009, of timber frame with a sedum roof.  It harvests rainwater, has sheep wool insulation, ground source heat pumps, solar panels, and has won many sustainability awards.

Yorkshire Agricultural Society building from P+HS

Part of the building is occupied by Fodder.  Fodder - Great Yorkshire Food Naturally, is the Yorkshire Agricultural Society's flagship farm shop and cafe, supporting local farmers and producers.  I am proud to say I carved the two large stones for their entrance.

Fodder entrance - Yorkstone - 2010 © Jennifer Tetlow

We then all went up to the Art Pavillion.  I find it really useful to see where I will be showing work before the event, to get a feel for the place and plan in my mind where work might look best - although there is always a bit of juggling on set-up day when it is a group exhibition.  The Art Show at The Great Yorkshire Show, sponsored by Raworths solicitors of Harrogate,  runs from Tuesday the 12th, until Thursday the 14th July, 2011.  I was asked to join this exhibition by the organiser and watercolour painter Les Packham, who has selected an exciting mix of painters, sculptors, ceramicists and stained glass for The Art Show. 

I'm honing my entry for the Catalogue, and trying to decide which image to use. 

The Great Yorkshire Show - Harrogate -  12th, 13th, 14th July, 2011


  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and entering my giveaway. I remember going to The Great Yorkshire Show when I was at school, I haven't been at all since then but should really make an effort to go as I have fond memories of it and remember it was rather good. What a gorgeous goose in your last post, I hope the eggs hatch ok.

  2. Jo, thankyou, she is a gorgeous goose and I am hoping for her eggs too! I love agricultural shows, and so many have dwindled away, I think now the Yorkshire show is the largest in the country - so much to see and do - please do pop in and see me if you manage to visit this year.

  3. Good luck with the show, I miss my local Three Counties in Malvern and then even smaller agricultural shows. We were even given time off school to go. Hope you have fine weather for it and atrract lots of interesting projects.

  4. Good luck with the show. Your carved stone is impressive as is the building. We don't really have many agricultural type shows in this area. More horsey country really.


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