Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Wishing all a Happy Easter.

Things that have already made mine super happy!

Beautiful apple blossom.  I planted this tree last year, and it looked a very sorry twig after the winter, but is now divine with fresh growth and flower.

My first seeds to germinate in the greenhouse - courgette.

Goslings - their first day out in the big wide world, with good mother goose guidance.

Each year I have Pied Wagtails nesting at my work sheds, and I love the bobbing chirrupy company.  This is the male, on guard and tending to his female now on the nest.  He does a fluttery undulating flight from the roof to the fence each morning when I arrive and chatters constantly in rich warbly trills. Big happy making little bird.

And I have to give some credit to the blissful weather - so sunny today - with periods of deep rumbling thunder and oppressive heat rising to a crashing storm at supper time.  Huge rain splashing in a heavy downpour, and heavier still, with spectacular lightening and thunder and big rain drops turned to hail bouncing and dancing then swept away by the deluge of water.   A smell of earth refreshed.

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