Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stone Sculpture in a striped apron?

There is a lovely article in this month's Coast magazine - Try it now - Stone Sculpting.  I agree, if you get the opportunity, do try it!  Though beware, it is addictive!

Anyway, the article is about the famous Portland Limestone, ideal for carving and the tuition you can receive at the open air studio on the coast, overlooking the sea with local sculptor Sarah Gilpin.

A page follows titled 'Stone Sculpting Kit' - essential items needed.

I've never worn an apron whilst sculpting, for me it would get in the way and actually wouldn't work in preventing the ingress of dust to just about everywhere!  However, it did make me think about suitable clothing for carving.  Really you need clothes you don't mind getting covered in dust, which are comfortable and tough - handling stone harshly abrades any garment.

I have often wished there was an outlet for good, honest, simple workclothes for women - I usually buy men's 'bib and braces' and wear steel toe-capped boots, but cuffs of shirts are worn through very quickly.  

I once bought some of those boiler suit type things, but quickly discarded these as you have to nearly get undressed every time you want to go to the loo!  I felt restricted and got far too hot.

I confess, I did giggle when I saw the stripey apron, but actually it is not such a bad idea if you are going to 'having a go'.   The stone dressers of old used to wear leather aprons for protection. These were beautifully made with brass eyelets and strongly stiched leather ties, and became utterly soft, supple and smooth from the work and wearing.

Happy carving if you do fancy shaping your own stone sculpture - let me know how you get along!

Or, would love to see you in September.


  1. ....and if you find you don't like stone sculpting you're all kitted out for your next bar-B-Q !

    1. Indeed! Thankyou for your words, they have made me laugh!!


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