Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Heavens Above

Is a delightful little book I've just treated myself to.  Heavens Above - Incisive Letterwork (Brenda Berman & Annet Stirling)  Exhilarating and imaginative letter carving in stone and slate.

Quite a title for a slim paperback, but I have turned the pages front to back at least half a dozen times, and I'm still engrossed.  Incisive Letterwork is the business name for the pairing of Brenda Berman and Annet Stirling.  

Their ingenius work with the chisel is exhilarating and great thought has gone into each expression and into the appreciation of our alphabet.  They describe themselves as 'designers and lettercarvers specialising in architectural inscriptions, memorials and word sculpture'.  For me Word Sculpture says it all.

They have very cleverly turned, what I know to be lettering, right on its head - taking an incised letter into a relief carved letter and overlaying with other letters. Gilding the sides of letters.  Taking ancient scripts and putting their own touch on the styling and subtley and effortlessly modernising.

This is lettering you really have to look at - sometimes what is there isn't immediately obvious and then looking longer and more closely gives that delightful realisation moment of what is in front of you.  It is clever and fun.   For me, very inspiring!


  1. Hi Jennifer, a while since I've had chance to browse! Might have to search out a copy of this book, I love the images! I had a week-end trying letter carving in stone a couple of years ago and loved it....the only book I have is 'the art of letter carving' by Tom Perkins - I thought that one was amazing!

    1. Hello Ash - the images in the book are stunning too - and the Tom Perkins book is a delight - another one I have read and re-read!

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