Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lovin Your Work Sister!

Isn't it funny that when someone else promotes or features your work, it feels doubly good - and today I'm feeling really, really good as Lovin Your Work Sister! have just done a little write-up about me on their Facebook Page.  Do pop over and see my appearance, and all the other amazing ladies!

It is a lovely site, and such a good idea -  Lovin Your Work Sister! is is a networking page to celebrate all the Wonderful, Creative and Inspiring Ladies out there! "From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow".  

The clever Alyson Fennell is the founder.   After 20 years working as a hair and makeup artist, 10 of which were spent in London working on photo shoots and filming for the music industry, advertising and celebrities, she has spent the last thee years pursuing her original passion for Fine Art and Nature Photography.  You will see from her website Alyson Fennell Photography how talented she is!

She says - "I always found it easier to promote other people than to promote myself. (Very British I know!)

I also really wanted to give something back to the people who had always supported me.

So the idea for "Lovin Your Work Sister! was born! I would begin by promoting them and in turn each of them will nominate someone who has inspired them, and so the network will grow!"

Wish you every luck with it Alyson and many thanks for your support!



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