Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Megaliths according to Alastair Ross.  Alastair is a photographer, whose work I discovered recently because of his stunning images of stones.

He has captured such a stoney feeling, showing the texture, earthyness and solidity of stone - and putting it in such a magic light.  

I am enjoying the output of his current fascination with stone circles and structures from the Neolithic period.  He lives near The Peak District which has an abundance of stone circles, ring cairns and burial mounds.  Some obvious, like the “Stone Henge of the North” at Arbor Low, some not so obvious. 

I share his feeling that when amongst these stones there is a distinct feeling of quiet and calm, of 'slowing down'.  To amplify and as an extension of this he uses film  for his photography and in particular a pinhole camera.  Using a pinhole camera slows the whole photographic process down, as the exposures can be quite long (38 minutes in some cases!).  This seems to allow the stones to 'reveal' themselves - anyway I feel he captures something very magical.


  1. Amazing photographs...they are magical indeed.

  2. Replies
    1. Makes me tempted to have a go with a pinhole camera - I have instructions on how to make your own somewhere - will have to look them out.


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