Monday, 6 February 2012

Sculpture and Dry Stone Walls

Wayside Carvings, West Lulworth by Peter Randall-Page

Since I first saw this carving by Peter Randall-Page, which is part of Sculpture and the Land the New Milestons project, I have thought about showing my work in a similar way.  I very much like the contrast of the natural riven wall stone and the smooth curves of the carving.  The shell-like forms are set into recessed alcoves in a boundary bank, to give them, in Peter's words, "their own intimate space in which to be seen."

Image by Stone Inspired

Now that I am working on creating something of a garden at my workshop - a garden in which to show some of my sculpture, I am very keen to include dry stone walling in the design.

Some of the walling I have been seeing I think is sculpture in its own right, but it also acts as a strong structural backdrop, it really draws my attention and I can find I have been gazing at it for ages.

Dry Stone Pond -  from a show garden for Hampton Court called 'Romantic Charm' designed by Claudia de Yong Designs.

As long as I can remember to include some flattish top surfaces, on which to place work, I would like to be a little bit adventurous.  Certainly it will help with creating some height and different levels - I'm excited about this project and at present am thinking on a much larger scale than I have space for and dreaming of earth moving equipment!

It's okay, I get sensible when standing at the sheds with plan in hand, and pace the frozen ground and measure the space needed to turn a vehicle in - don't want to be constantly backing into my new hard landscaping!

Amazing work from the 2011 Canadian Dry Stone Walling Festival


  1. beautiful images all. Makes me want to do some.

  2. Doesn't it just - shame you're not nearer so you could help me with my walling.

  3. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for putting up my picture of the stone and turf bench. I was also at the Canadian Dry stone walling festival, and helped to built the stone telescope.

    If you need an info on building stone and turf, get in touch.

    Jason Hoffman
    Stone Inspired.


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