Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spring Planting

I've been making planters today, some large round ones for a customer and some extras for taking to exhibitions and shows.  They're chunky, rough hewn looking and I adore this texture of stone - particularly when thrown into stark contrast by planting.  New shoots of spring growth delicately falling over the stone rim and tumbling down the edge of the planter is perfection for me.

Really it is one of the great things about pots and planters that you can ring the changes with different plant combinations and add colour or mood to an area and create real focal points, even with a small pot and a single plant.

I've been putting Anemone with ferns for a natural woodland feel - I have a fern which has deep coppery foliage and this echoes the purple hues of the stems and buds of the windflower.  The Anemone  is called a windflower because it seems to grow as spontaneously as if sown by the wind. The foliage is glossy and brilliant and they are great plants for containers, cut flowers or borders. 

Do you have any favourite planting for containers, plants that you have put together and which work well - I would love to hear about them, and try them out in my newly made stone troughs.

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