Thursday, 23 February 2012

An Exhibition of work Inspired by Nature

The official publicity card for 'The Birds and the Bees' exhibiton came today, so I'll have a bit of office work to do this evening, popping them in envelopes and sending them out.  I'd like to invite you to come and see the work - it is at the Craft Centre & Design Gallery, City Art Gallery, The Headrow, Leeds - where you will see all the very different creative ways everyone has interpreted the exhibition theme.

It is quite a diverse collection of artists for this exhibition, who, just like me, are inspired by nature to create their wonderful art and craft.  In this case all connected with birds and bees - I'm really looking forward to see all the work gathered together and meet some of the other makers. 

It ties in rather nicely with Sarah Raven's recent series Bees, Butterflies and Blooms, which I have enjoyed so much and I feel very tuned in to the subject at the moment.

PS:  The Bee Eater is coming along nicely!


  1. looking forward to seeing this (son is easily bribed with lunch in the tiled hall above)

    1. Thanks, that's great - (though hope he'll like some of the birds too!)


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