Friday, 3 February 2012

Happy Blue

I planted grape hyacinth (Muscari Armeniacum) bulbs in one of my stone plant pots and they are thriving despite the cold frost and wind.   They seem so fragile and yet upwards they push with their brightest blue.

Grass like foliage supports the flower spikes that grow 6-8" tall.  Muscari are a Dutch favourite because they are deer resistant, naturalize well, and easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. 

These no-care bulbs are suitable for every garden or landscape.  Plant Muscari in large clusters or drifts for a spectacular spring show.  They come back year after year and will multiply if left undisturbed and are perfect for co-planting with tulips or daffodils.  They are sometimes known as Starch Hyacinths because it is said their fragrance smells of it.  However, they are exquisite picked for the house, for bunches or any floral decoration.

Beautiful arrangements at Botanical Brouhaha



  1. great post...I love grape hyacinth.

  2. They're so cheery, aren't they! I'm looking out for some white ones too, so I can have a swathe going from white, through the pale blues to the deep purply blue one.


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