Monday, 16 January 2012

The Birds and the Bees

I'm working on some sketches at the moment for Bird sculptures for an exhibition I have been invited to exhibit at The Birds and the Bees at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery, City Art Gallery, The Headrow, Leeds. 

I thought if I could, I would include a Bee Eater, and my idea is to carve this in Serpentine or Soapstone.  They are such colourful, sleek birds that a stone with a bit of variation and shine would suit the piece well.

A Bee Eater will be quite a challenge to carve, with its thin, streamlined body and very sharp elongated bill.  There may have to be a few compromises.

Exhibition Dates:  Saturday 24th March - Saturday 30th June

The Craft Centre and Design Gallery
City Art Gallery
The Headrow

0113 247 8241


  1. I love your sketches of the birds, just wonderful!

  2. Wonderful drawings, Jennifer! Ah, Leeds, wish I still lived in Bradford to be able to see you exhibit...will let friends know!

  3. Jennifer..I hope that you manage this...I saw the bee-eaters on the phone lines in India last year...they were wonderful! will wait for the result!


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