Friday, 18 November 2011

Stone Carving Courses

I'm very pleased to be running courses again in 2012, as we had such success this year with some amazing pieces carved by complete beginners, and some keen carvers came back for a second go, improving with astonishing results.   We've just finished organising some dates for you - for the Spring a two day Stone Carving workshop on 28th and 29th April, 2012, a three day summer course in May, alongside a Letter Cutting Course and further days at the end of September.  Hopefully one of these will fit with your schedules.  Stone Carving Courses - Diary Dates and details.

I hold the courses at The Dutch House in Crayke, which is a beautiful venue with inspiring backdrop.  They have an ecological sculpture garden on site, which is now beginning to mature - full of wildlife and insects - so if your arms begin to ache, you can take five minutes in beautiful peace and quiet!  Lunches are served in the little cafe there, or outside in the cafe courtyard where we all sit together in excited chat, proudly discussing progress, stone sculpture and carving techniques.  I'm on hand throughout, guiding and giving one-to-one practical tutoring.  Really looking forward it!

All the workbenches, tools and stone are provided for the duration of the course, so just you, in sensible clothes (it is dusty!) and shoes required.


  1. if I was there I would definitely sign up.

  2. I think maybe I need to do a video or two which could form the basis of a 'distance' course - so many people ask me now if I have one, it is perhaps about time! But then nothing quite beats being there in a group, the dynamics, fun and camaraderie which evolve.


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