Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Carved Stone Animal Heads

Last week in Stone Speaks I promised to show you some more of the stones locally which I find special, interesting and inspiring.

Here are a pair of real beauties - two carved stone animal heads - dog like creatures, one looking wild and guarding, the other a happy, amused, smiley face.  Behind the heads are carved leaves, curling away like they do on a green man image - these are just green dogs instead!

Carved Stone Animal Head - Lastingham Grange

Carved Stone Animal Head - Lastingham Grange

These two heads are built into a wall at the famous Lastingham Grange Hotel in the village.  I say famous as whenever I meet anyone and they discover I live in Lastingham, they immediately say 'oh I've been there - to the The Grange' - it has an outstanding reputation for fine dining and impeccable service.

I recommend it, and these gargoyle-esque stone heads are a real bonus.  Just look how neat and characterful the carved  features are, cut from the stone with huge flourish and style, each with with its own  distinct personality.  I salute the sculptor!


  1. What greta heads those you think they were sculpted to make people wary of trespassing?...I think matbe they were! great post.

  2. I think it could be! They were made for another location and time - here they are included in the wall. They are over a doorway, so do look down on all who enter!

  3. I love these carved heads.Could I post one of them on my blog? If the answer is yes can you give me more gen about them.
    Also I would like to post some of your work.


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