Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Misty Mornings

I'm rather enjoying the misty mornings - though for some it seems to have caused major travel problems - especially when the sun breaks through, as it has been doing, and begins to clear the view.  Actually I have never really understood the difference between fog and mist.  Mist - water-vapour in drops smaller than rain.  Fog - vapour suspended at or near earth's surface.  (Courtesy Pocket Oxford). 

Then there is the magic effect when it has been a cold night, followed by an early sunny morning and the earth 'steams', plumes of soft swirling smokeyness, rising upwards in whisps and disappearing, evaporating out of sight.  And how the sun plays through it in shafts, bright beams in the soft white.

Is that fog or mist?


  1. Steam. That's what we call it when it's been hotter than blazes and then it rains. Steam comes up off the ground and cooks everything.

  2. ah the differences of the different countries! yes...and it's all water! lovely pics...super atmosphere.

  3. Wraiths of mist rising out of the valley......Lovely photos.

    To me, it only becomes fog when it surrounds you and you cannot see where you are going.

  4. I'll go with this definition, though presumably there is a technical difference - somehow mist sounds okay, and fog potentially threatening!


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