Friday, 1 July 2011

Hand Made in Britain

A recent email from Gillian Montegrande, the founder of Made by Hands of Britain, reminded me that the organisers of a biennale of live craft events, Handmade in Britain, are in the process of accepting applications from designer-makers who wish to be considered for entry into a new book they are aiming to publish – the Handmade in Britain Design Book.

The launch of the book will coincide with London Design Festival in September 2011. The book launch will take place in one of the trendiest venues in London, the Brickhouse with a private view evening of the selected designer-makers work on 26th September 2011 to coincide with London design festival. 

It seems that they have extended their deadline for entries to the 4th July.

Have any of you applied for this? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your work featured in such a book!  And it has got me thinking - am I a designer?  Am I a craftsman?  Am I a sculptor?  Artist?   I suppose I have never really categorised myself in that way, and feel I'm probably all those things to a greater or lesser extent.

I look forward to seeing the book and finding out what the authors think.


  1. You should definitely be in that book! All sounds rather exciting, I wish I was a few years down the line with the metalsmithing. X ps so looking forward to the bench! X

  2. Belinda - and you should certainly put your work infront of them!

  3. I hope you submitted some photos.

  4. I think if you say you are a maker, that encompasses all the faculties and skills used for any of the other 'labels'. There's no getting away from the fact that one "makes a piece of art", one "makes a piece of sculpture" one "crafts something", which is just another way of saying "makes" and design is involved in all of them.You could even call yourself a 'creator'. I suppose it boils down to semantics

  5. Thanks Gillian - absolutely! I'm just reading 'Power of Making' - the importance of being skilled (booklet accompanying the V&A and Crafts Council exhibition)and to quote Daniel Charny 'Making is the universal infrastructure of creative production, be it technical or artistic, scientific or cultural. Though intentions and conditions may vary, all makers participate in the unique human experience that comes from being completely engrossed in creative activity.'

    Have you seen the exhibition?


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