Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Whilst at the show, I had the chance to look round, early in the morning before everyone started arriving.

Of course I sought the other exhibitors with stone things, but also visited the Made in Yorkshire marquee and said hello to local potter Elizabeth Bailey, and met the lovely painter Cath Inglis, and a young man making things in stone - John Harris of Yorkshsire Stone who had a beautiful display, with some of the items made in my favourite sculpting stone.   Nearby was the Country Living marquee -  full of wonders - and the very special Julia Burns, who I had the pleasure of exhibiting with a few years ago, who is now exceedingly busy with her Red Hen Originals which are lovely.

I also came across Limited Editions - Collier Dobson, who were showing a number of sculptors they represent.  What immediately caught my eye were the bronzes of Adam Binder, and in particular a Badger.  I've seen his work in books, websites, and magazines, but it really moved me to see the real thing.  I find his work utterly brilliant, I wanted to scoop this Badger up and take it home!  He is profoundly talented.

Foraging Badger by Adam Binder

Foraging Badger by Adam Binder

Badgers of course are in the news currently as Caroline Spelman announces government plans allowing badgers to be shot in a bid to limit the spread of TB in cattle.  I'm not sure what the solution is to this longstanding problem, but I feel afraid by these policies and was interested to read the Mammal Society's response.

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  1. The lines of movement in the badger bronze are so good. He really looks as though he is snuffling through the woods for food.

    The badger/TB problem is such a difficult one. I can see both sides. I hate the idea of a cull but the dairy farmers are in so much trouble with TB. Thank you for the Mammal Society link. It will be interesting to read their opinion.


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