Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Demonstration Piece

I had wondered what to carve for my demonstration piece at Art in Action, but actually in the end the choice was simple - another Hare.  I had just finished the Leveret, and was in Hare mode, so it seemed like a natural progression.

I pinned a piece of paper to one of the wooden poles holding up our marquee, and sketched a few hare poses, and with help from visitors chose this one to carve.

I worked in a block of pale coloured limestone from Southern Stone, and because of the colour, this had to be Winter Hare.

It is a soft stone, so perfect for visitors to 'try their hand' and I have to thank two young ladies in particular for helping me rough out this piece, Maisy and Fiona, who at different times came and carved beautifully for me with impressive care and attention for 'first-timers'.  Thankyou both.

This is as far as I got, as it was so busy I spent much of my time talking and showing people how to carve and cut letters on their own pieces of stone.

I would like to finish it, once I've caught up back at the workshop, so will let you see the progress in due course.

I'll post separately about the Art in Action event - it was a very special experience and I'm still swooning over all the beautiful things I saw, listened to and encountered!

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