Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meet the Neighbours

In an earlier post I showed  you the view from my workshop from the front,  and now I've taken some pictures from the other side.  To the North there are fields which earlier in the year were ploughed and now grow wheat.  To the West are fields too, but pasture, partly grazed and also used for sileage. 

Yesterday, lots of commotion and noise, running at full pelt, came my new neighbours for fresh grass.

Soon settling and apart from the odd bleat, all quiet.  Actually not quiet at all, sheep are very noisy eaters, making all sorts of sighs and grunts as they go.

This then, is my Westerly view, and just so you have the full panorama, to the South I have a steep hill, topped with trees, which are thrown into spectacular silhouette each evening as the sun goes down.

I love this hillside, it is what I see as I arrive at my sheds and I feel its protective power, it sort of wraps around me  while I'm working away in my buildings.

Often during the day I get a comforting glimpse of it, or make a point of looking up, and am reminded I'm a small thing at its base.  Of course it is - stripped of its vegetation - a rock face, stone all through, very solid earth risen up - and that's pretty powerful stuff.


  1. It all looks very pleasant, I like your sheep there, with those black faces.
    I sat out this evening briefly and all my sheep came round nosing. My bottle fed lamb from last year even put her feet on my lap and she's no longer a little creature.


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