Friday, 6 May 2011

Workshop time?

This has been a week where too few hours have been spent in the workshop actually making and creating.  All of a sudden all the other jobs needed to keep Jennifer Tetlow Stone Sculpture going, required my time and energy.  I knew they were building up, and I kept adding to the list, fully aware this time for action was overdue.

Sometimes you just go with the things you would prefer to be doing - for me certainly that is being in the workshop - saying to myself  'I'll just get this finished and then tackle my list'.  Just finishing always, always, takes much longer than anticipated.

Of course when I get on with it, the non-workshop jobs are also quite enjoyable.  Well some!

So, I've been busy with chasing print for invites for exhibitions and my Open Studio, proofing catalogues, collecting stone, mailing, making plinths and display boards, delivering, writing press releases, invoicing, preparing presentations for commissioners, researching for and practicing talks, servicing the forklift, filing and so on and on.

Tomorrow is back to carving, less encumbered - lovely!  Good job, as I'm beginning to experience withdrawal symtoms!


  1. Good for you. Love that headspace created by getting tasks out of the way!

  2. my maintenance usually involves house cleaning and yard work.


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