Monday, 9 May 2011

New Stars and Squatters!

Great new bursts of life, wildflowers so beautiful - new heroes of the hedgerow.  Each morning is a different display, a unique performance.

These Germander Speedwell are such vivid blue, tightly closed first thing, popping with brilliance once kissed by the sunshine and bending their little heads to follow it.

This bee was frantic for nectar on the Bush Vetch, and surprisingly accurate in landing and acquiring, despite the strong wind.

I am not sure what this one is, I am guessing at Crosswort - can anyone help?

Jack-by-the-hedge (or Garlic Mustard) - I've never used this in the kitchen - must try it. Does anyone know of recipes including it? 

And Greater Stitchwort - exquisite.

What lovely names they all have too.  So in just a few feet I have members of the figwort, pea, bedstraw, cabbage and pink family.

Now it also looks like a pigeon family too.  Just a few days away from the workshop and they've moved in! 

When I built my shed, I made a hole in the apex of the roof and put in a Barn Owl box in the hope they would nest.  No luck with the owls, though I did find a dead vole in there once, and wasps used it last year.   Now a small nest and two eggs.


  1. Great wild flowers ...but one can never know what tenants will be up too...fat wood pigeons scram!

  2. Bees sometimes show great tenacity when they are gathering pollen. Thanks for your comment on my blog post about Easter Ledger pudding ~ I was pleased to hear from somebody who has nibbled the leaves :)

  3. How lovely to find a couple of eggs in your roof nest. A bit more prosaic than owls but at least it is now tenanted. I am terrible at recognising any but the most common plants. You sound as if you have a good knowledge of them though.


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