Thursday, 17 February 2011

From the Sculpture Workshop

It rained heavily overnight, so this morning was fresh and damp.  I flung open the workshop doors to let the day in.  I have large double wooden doors on the front of the shed, so it almost feels as if I'm working outside.  This is my view - and stunning  with the sun just pressing through the mist.

And breaking through, it shone on a little stone planter, full of dewed daffs, which I keep on the back of the forklift (out of reach of greedy geese beaks!).


  1. What a glorious view you have as you work!

    You do live in one of the most beautiful areas in England. My hubby spent his childhood at Foxton, N.Yorks and Hurworth on Tees, and we lived in Yorkshire when we were first married. In a league of its own!

  2. Well, I love it here, and you are right, my workshop (though a bit tumbling down) is in such a delightful spot. Always a danger you put chisels down and spend too long gazing at the beauty! Just like your garden, always inspiring!

  3. Oh Jennifer. How lucky are you to have that beautiful landscape view from your workplace. I would love to be surrounded by trees like that. You must find it so inspiring for your creative process.

    I was interested to read about your drawings and the way in which you draw in order to sculpt from them. I am in awe of anyone who can translate a 2d medium to a 3d medium. I think I will stick to paper for mine.

  4. It is ever so inspiring and I'm very lucky. Incidentally some of your drawings would translate really well to carving in stone, you achieve lovely curves and balance, perfect for sculpture. Perhaps I can sculpt one of your drawings at some stage - or you could come on my stone carving course!


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