Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sun Time

This week has been all about sun and time, making sundials for sunny gardens.  These ones are mini sundials, small, pretty stones with a solid brass dial, inscribed 'Sun's Time' with a happy sun face and roman numerals.

Sundial - Yorkstone - 6" dia. x 6" ht. © Jennifer Tetlow
Before watches and clocks the gentleman traveller would take with him a portable sundial, a brass instrument, which, if opened up and positioned correctly, would tell the time.  After seeing one of these exquisite and highly ornamented antiques, I had the idea of making a small sundial for gardens, one which could be easily moved and adorn any small space.

Sundial - Yorkstone - 6" dia. x 6" ht. © Jennifer Tetlow 
On sunny days it is a simple, but happy pleasure, to gaze upon a sundial to check the hour.

Sundials - Yorkstone
6" dia. x 5" ht. & 4" ht. © Jennifer Tetlow


  1. Beautiful work as always Jennifer : )

  2. Hi - thanks for visiting projectforty - I am just making my first tentative steps into 3D on my fine art course. I love your stone raised beds. What a fantastic idea. Have you been to the scientific museum in Oxford (think it's called that), full of early instruments and time keeping devices. Fascinating.


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