Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sculpture ready for Delivery

I felt a sudden panic when I knew it was time for the piece to be loaded for delivery.  Was it finished?  Had I done enough?  Was I happy?  Would the customer be happy?  All the questions that come flooding forth when the needles of insecurity proddle and prick.

Work invariably (for me) goes on right until the last minute, and things always take much longer to do than anticipated, and I suppose this adds to the anxiety.

Last minute finishing before delivery

Ultimately delivery time is very exciting, I can show off all my hard work and place the sculpture in its intended spot in a beautiful garden, rather than seeing it in my muddy, untidy and chaotic workshop and yard.  It all went smoothly and calmly - we tweaked and adjusted position for the best view and balance - and it was done.  Then we all stood and stared - and I felt very emotional and proud. 

Sometimes it is quite difficult to say goodbye to a sculpture, having lived with it intensely for many weeks, and there is a big gap in the workshop now it has gone.  A new block of stone soon shakes my attention into focus and I'm on with my next commission.


  1. What a wonderful pair of hounds, you are soooo talented. I love the way they seem to be sniffing the air! And looking so content and yet sweetly doleful at the same time. Stunning.


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