Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sounds of Spring

What a beautiful day!  How the birds sung this morning their early chorus, but two bird sounds really stopped me in my tracks.  The Curlew calling, flying low in search of nest sites, so plaintive and haunting and then the Woodpecker, drumming the fresh spring morning in.  It is such a rolling, repeated reverberation, a sound so clear and woody that it mesmerises and excites all at once.  I used to think it came from the hollowing out of nest holes in the trunks of trees, but apparently it is to signal to other woodpeckers that this territory is taken, and to entice the female woodpecker close.  I wanted to be close, and hear more, and feel it rippling through me.

Woodpecker - Collagraph Print


  1. oh the birds are full of song here.

    one year we had a woodpecker cling to the window frame and rat-a-tat on the glass window pane. guess he thought the sound was loud and unique enough to attract the girls.

  2. How amazing Ellen - I've found woodpeckers very cheeky, shy and skittish, and never let me get too close, squawking complaint if I am about and they want to be on the feeder!

  3. I love the drumming of the woodpecker too. It is up there with my favourite bird songs. Yesterday we spent most of the day out walking in the gorgeous sunshine and stopped for about 20 minutes to watch a lapwing displaying and calling to a female. What wonderful aviators they are. I love to listen to rooks cawing and the jays noisy screeches in the woods. Spring is such a wonderful season.

  4. Wow this piece is very dynamic and lively. I really like the variety in line marking. It's exciting. Your sculptures of animals are gorgeous and captivating.

  5. Thanks Shelley, they're beautiful birds aren't they!


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