Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Equinox

A bit late I know, but happy day anyway.  Officially, the Equinox was at 23.21 yesterday, but I was snugged up asleep and unaware of the point in time, so I'm celebrating today.  It is a morning of early sunshine and mist - very beautiful.

Nowruz Zoroastrian - image from en.wikipedia

I'm so happy to have longer days, and spring feeling days too.  The strength of this feeling is captured in the wonderful Bas-relief stone carving in Persepolis.  On the day of an Equinox, the power of an eternally fighting bull (personifying the earth), and that of a lion (personifying the sun), are equal.


  1. Just wanted to say 'hello' - and thankyou for following my blog. I'll catch up with your as soon as I have a spare moment, but meanwhile, your sculpture looks fascinating. I remember last year when I had to write an article on the sculptor, Mark Coreth (Ice Bear Project) and was bowled over by the 3-dimensional skills that people like you manage to achieve. Speak again soon, Ann (Wild Somerset Child).

  2. I can't help imagining the sun beating down on the neck of that ancient stone mason. Does your mind stray from the object to the imagined artist when you see antiquities?

    Still mulling over benches, will def be in touch. x

  3. Hello too, looking forward to being kept up to date at Wild Somerset Child. Was that the Polar Bear with the original bones inside the ice - what an extraordinary concept, and very beautiful.


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