Friday, 11 January 2013


Ahead of them actually pushing their way up through the earth in my garden here - I yearned for the fragile beauty of snowdrops in a vase, or pot to lift the spirits and brighten the window sill.

Spurred on by an article in the Landscape Magazine this month, I decided to have a go at making paper snowdrops.  The fragile beauty of snowdrops can be simply re-created with crepe paper.  With a length of wire for the stems and a bit of crafty fiddling, the little blooms begin to look quite realistic!

I'm just a beginner, have a look at the ones featured, they look just like the delicate drooped flowers themselves.  Here are the full instructions for making them - Making Paper Snowdrops.    Happy crafting!


  1. Clever you.... my snowdrops in the garden are just peeking through. I love your little jump ahead idea.

    1. Think I'd better stop, have bowls full now, but I'm getting better at the bend in the wire for the drooping flower!


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