Friday, 2 December 2011

Small Stone Birds

These little birds are perching and nesting on the edge of a block of stone.  They were fascinating to carve, as the piece of stone they are worked in was brought to me by the customer, a beautiful old, weathered and mossy crag of a lump - an unknown quantity.  I couldn't tell what the stone was like 'inside', how it would work, or whether indeed it would respond to carving.

It revealed lots of surprises!  Sections were pale yellow and buff coloured and easy to work, whilst others were flinty or running into hollows and shale - then it also revealed some lovely swirly dark grey colouring, which makes the birds look feathered and patterned.  Quite an adventure.  I think the irregularities in the stone give the birds an ancient, weathered and almost primitive look, which I love.


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