Friday, 16 December 2011

If you don't succeed ...

Try, try again!  I have said this to myself so many times, and others have said it to me - generally being optimistic and hopeful, it seems to make sense and I have leapt with glee when it works.  But where my 'festive window' is concerned it isn't.  Well, not yet!

Without doubt I see it in my mind's eye, I know the feel, and look I want, but seem incabable of achieving the layout or the effect through the camera.  Arranging and re-arranging and fiddling with the camera buttons seems to create a sterile, out of focus and badly lit jumble.  So frustrating and time consuming.  I need a photography course.  And a design course.

I was at a Christmas market recently and the stalls and tables were so beautifully laid out, inviting me in, enticing, glowing, and making the goodies seem irresistable.  I'm sorry to all those people who thought I was going to purchase, as I rushed over - actually I was just looking at your beautiful layouts and how you achieved them.  When questioned, generally the reply was ... 'oh I just threw it all together quickly to get set up'.  But there is an art, a magic even - I love seeing it and being under its spell, certainly I'm susceptable to its powers.

Do let me have your favourite tips and ideas when you're taking pictures, and I'll see if I can improve before the festivities are over!

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