Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Christmas Gifts

I wake very early on Christmas morning, there's lots to do and a day full of promise.  First thing is to go and say Happy Christmas to my geese and take them their festive breakfast - a mix of lots of their very favourite things - they talk loudly and enjoy the special attention.  I say Merry Christmas to my worksheds too, leaning against the large wood doors and looking out on my favourite view.  Large flocks of corvids play and swirl in the near light, enjoying the buffeting wind.  My robin chirrups.  I fill the bird feeders.

After lighting of fires, preparing, cooking, greeting, welcoming, kissing, hugging and enjoying - its time for a good brisk walk.  No snow or crisp frost, but enough of a wind to freshen and free.

I got a present of a lino cutting set - complete with ink, cutters and lino - so the evening was spent adding lino scraps and slivers to the paper and pine-needle debris.  Need more cutter control, but what a fascinating and versatile printing technique - I could be hooked.


  1. I remember loving lino cutting at school! I might have to have a go, like paper cutting, it is the remembering which bits are the positive/negative that makes my mind bend a bit!

    I'm glad your Christmas was lovely, and I hope these quieter days before new year are full of peace and recharging for you. Belinda x

  2. Thankyou Belinda - if you do have a go, I'd love to see the results, so keep me updated. You're right about the positive/negative bit and I'm completely confused about many colours - I'm sticking to quite simple black and white - for now anyway! Very best wishes.

  3. Im surprised you haven't tried it before.

  4. Ellen, that's what everyone says - but it isn't something I did at school, and I always thought you needed a printing press - but just a trusty wooden spoon and I'm away!


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