Thursday, 2 June 2011

Better get Going!

I'm just setting off for Ludlow, for the stone carving course I am running tomorrow at the Assembly Rooms - all packed up and ready - really I should have left about an hour ago, or anyway that was the plan.

Anna Poulton (brilliant artist!) on one of my courses at Old Sleningford

I made myself a list of jobs to do before going and so the last couple of days has been rush and whirr.  One of them was to get a new leaflet printed and sent out for my Open Studio.  Three other artists and I joined together to make a little flyer, as we work within a few miles of each other, for visitors so they would know about the studios open in this area.  Just by the skin of my teeth I've managed to get my allocation distributed to all the sites on my list, and I know the others have been working just as hard. 

Sue Slack from Lockton is a painter, who is fabulously bold and vibrant with colour.

Elisabeth Bailey is a potter, and I have a number of her jugs, bowls and mugs in the kitchen and they are used on a regular basis.

And Janet Hayton, who works in the next village, Appleton Le Moors, is a ceramicist.

And me of course. 

We've put a map on the back of the leaftlet, to help with planning a route.

So, just need to remember my sandwiches for the journey, really would like an ice-cream as it is so hot!, and I'm away.

Will bring back lots of pictures and tell you all about it.


  1. Hi Jennifer, sounds like you are busy - hope the course goes well. I'm having vague notions of trying to get over your way for the open studios but never seem to be organised. I'd love to see your stone work face to face so to speak, it always seems so tactile, even in your photos. Are you in touch with any of the other people from that Friday in Masham, I wonder what things are changing for them sometimes. Best wishes and thanks for checking in on the blog - I love checking for comments its like saying 'you got mail', still love stuff coming in the snail mail too, my postie is a gem!

  2. Hi Jennifer - Sarah from the Ludlow course here. Just want to say thanks again for such a great day. I tweeted my stone this morning and lots of people have been very kind with their comments. Also some interest in where you might be holding future courses. Hope there will be another one round here so I can learn a bit more. Am just about to order some tools now! Thanks so much again, Sarah xxx

  3. Ash - yes, please do make it over for the Open Studio - come and tell me all about how your placement is going and of course say hello to some sculpture! They love the attention.

    Sarah - Thank YOU for being part of such a happy group, and all of you did so well - mostly my future courses are nearer home - but I will speak to Ludlow Assembly Rooms when I come down for my exhibition. Good luck with the tools - do let me know how you get on with your adventurous scheme at home!


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