Monday, 2 May 2011

May through the .....

..... Arched window.

I passed this beautiful stone structure on May Day evening, and had to stop the vehicle, get out, and embrace it. 

The spring May countryside stretched wide and lush from the frame of golden stone.  I could have lingered far longer.

In a sort of May Day bringing forth and celebration, I walked through the arch, feeling it a gesture of significance, a reverent curtsey, and entered the bloom of the month.

These magnificent stone columns are just outside Helmsley.  A gateway to Duncombe Park, in the form of a triumphal arch in sandstone ashlar.  An inscription across the top reads  'To the memory of Lord Viscount Nelson and the unparalleled gallant achievements of the British Navy'.  To the rear wording about lamented hero, and the price paid.  All of which seemed a little incongruous in my May Day moment.


  1. What a breathtaking arch and photo, and a lovely moment you had! It is an amazing thing - golden sunlight on stone, and in a completely different way cold, silver moonlight. No wonder really that ceremonies and religious rites all over the world, from henges to Pyramids, have sought to capture these fleeting moments of light on stone for transcendental experiences/symbolic meaning.

    That top photo is so very peaceful!

  2. It was lovely and still keeps me smiling! Stone luminesces easily and brilliantly for me most of the time - but you are right,they are big things coming together, earth and sky, I for one am incapable of resisting!


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