Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Good Stone for Beginner Carvers

A huge waggon arrived yesterday evening - it was his last consignment - so my small pallet of stone was alone and tiny in the cavernous interior.  A lovely smiley and helpful driver had the stone off-loaded in quick time, and he drove away bemused by my enthusiasm for the delivery.

But these blocks are important, they're for my new recruits, first time stone carvers, joining my courses on Friday and Saturday this week at the Dutch House, and also for a workshop I am tutoring in Ludlow on the 3rd June.  It is a beautiful clean limestone, from Southern Stone who supply many sculptors, stone carvers and workshops throughout the country, who enjoy the stone's reliable quality.

I usually take a selection of stone to the courses, and this limestone is a favourite as it is relatively soft, so beginner stone carvers can make good progress and quickly gain confidence with the tools, soon seeing their sculpture take shape.

So, all ready to go, just need to do a quick sharpen of the chisels for everyone, and we're set.


  1. I would love to be one of your students.

  2. Ellen, I'll swap you for a glass class or two!

  3. Looks like a really good workshop. If I still lived near Ludlow I would love to attend. Do you know the area around there? If you have time Bishops Castle is lovely as is Ludlow.
    I once attended a wood carving course with Paul Caton who has his wooden bowls in a gallery just near The Assembly Rooms.

  4. Jane - thankyou - lovely to have a point of reference (I haven't been to Ludlow before) and will take your suggestion to visit Bishops Castle as I am there again for my exhibition at the end of June - so hopefully will have a little time to look round. Will also take a peek at some wood bowls.


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