Saturday, 26 March 2011

Taking Shape

Every spare minute I've been getting on with a bit of gardening, such perfect weather, to prepare my vegetable area.  Yesterday I spread the last of the manure, and now I have three raised beds which are almost ready.  I have heard so much about the merits of raised beds that I thought I would try them, and I'm also rather enamoured of the 'no dig' methods of Charles Dowding.  He talks of the soil as a living organism and the soil food chain, which I like, and I'm learning masses.

Another reason for choosing raised beds is that I had a lot of soil that came from my foundation excavations (I'm extending the workshop and building a lean-to section to my main work area).  The stone edging all came from this clearing too, so both jobs have fitted together very neatly.   

One of the beds ended up being very deep at one end, as the ground is on such a slope (I made the bed horizontal), and I might design this differently if I did it again.   However, I'm very pleased with the new growing area and can't wait to do some planting - after a bit of cement mixing and buiding!


  1. Pleasing, aesthetic raised beds. My partner has begun ploughing a portion of our land. He loves his tractor. I like the more gentle approach like you.It's difficult though as I need more room and the land we have just ploughed will make extra room for my potatoes and onions. We are trying to be a lot more self sufficient.
    We lost a goose today, Meg, I'm a bit numb, she was laying. We still have goosey our original goose.

  2. I have an inkling I shall need more room too, I've filled the beds already (in my mind!). Can see why the tractor is loved. So sorry to hear about Meg, they become one of the family don't they - perhaps one of her eggs?


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