Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Fox on the Train

What an adventure for a Fox - first to be hauled from the quarry and then born onto a small wooden banker (a banker is the workbench stone carvers use), and shut in a shed with the sounds of nature and the moors calling outside.  Then came a solitary plinth, hot bright lights and white walls and  lots of hands stroking and voices - after which, back to the shed.  Then in a sudden rush, bundled and packaged and carried and turned and put in a suitcase, zippered up dark.

A long, long journey on a train, suitcase carried and trundled and bumped and banged, to the end, a station throng with bodies pushing and rushing, and one smiling, friendly face, and a new home.

Yes!  My arms did ache a bit, but I'm very happy as Fox is now part of a lovely new family and settling in well.


  1. Gosh, I love the image of you bustling down a train station with a stone fox in your luggage - couldn't make it up could you!! How you make stone look warm and cosy, as with this curled up fox, astounds me.

  2. The lady sitting next to me on the train watched as I struggled down the carriage with my load, and said as I sat down, 'you should put that on the rack overhead'. (!!)

    I aim to get stone to do as I tell it, but invariably it has something to say on the matter and shines through, it is always right!

  3. love it, love your work. you catch the essence in simple smooth lines.


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