Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sometimes stone is too heavy!

What a frustrating day.  Things don't always go to plan, and jobs I expected to take  a few minutes absorbed the whole morning.  I'm making preparations for delivery of a sculpture at the weekend, and moving blocks around  for my next piece.  The finished piece is on a trolley, for easy moving around the workshop, which I pulled outside to protect while shuffling and re-organising.

What was easy to manoeuvre on the smooth, flat, concrete floor of the workshop proved impossible to budge once out in the yard, and I slithered and slid on the wet ground, the trolley sinking further into the muddiness at every attempt to get it rolling.

As I lugged, pushed and pulled, words came into my mind - I forget where I heard or read them, perhaps it was in a film - but there is a boss man urging his men to work harder, and screaming at them that their life depended on more effort, 'heave, ho, put your backs into it men, heave until sparks fly out of your eyes!'  I understand the expression.

So, behind schedule, tired, wet and muddy and feeling annoyed I sat a moment.  My geese came gathering round making lots of noise, and initially I thought it was in sympathy with my situation, but the noise grew and the gander, neck arched, strode proudly about. 

This is why - the first egg this year.  All my stone struggles and frustrations disappeared.  Thankyou my little geese.

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