Thursday, 3 February 2011

Digital Delights at Duckett & Jeffreys

Last night I visited Duckett & Jeffreys Gallery to see ‘Quickening’, a collaborative installation between sculpture duo Second Nature and digital and VJ artist Maria Silmon.

'Quickening' is inspired by the time of Imbolc solar festival, the moment in the year when the sun, after the stillness and dormancy of winter, begins to noticeably rise higher in the horizon towards it's zenith at mid-summer.  It's rays stimulate the earth into the new energy of spring, quickening it's life-force and bringing the first stirrings of action to the seeds beneath the earth.  This was explored in the exhibition, through use of contrasts, soft and hard, digital with raw nature, movement and static.

Above us the Trees - Second Nature

Second Nature use elements of chance and play to digitally create organic shapes which are then refined, developed and waterjet or laser cut in metal, into edgy, dynamic, abstract sculptural forms. These were hung on the wall, and over one display Maria's videos were played, casting magical, colourful rythms and shadows.

Sundance - Second Nature 

In addition to the video, Maria showed some very beautiful black and white photographic prints of birds and trees.

Birds in the trees (black and white print) overplayed with video - Maria Silmon

The exhbiton runs until the 19th February and if you would like a little joy and to  celebrate the lengthening of days and encourage the return of light - head straight for this exhibition!  Happy Imbolc!

Duckett & Jeffreys, Malton, North Yorkshire.

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