Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stone Speaks

Not just because of the words cut into it, but just as loudly of skill, endeavour and encouragement.  I do find looking at other carved stone very encouraging - I imagine the maker, chisel in hand, cutting, shaping, expertly sculpting - I create a story of his character, who he was and what he was thinking at the time.  I feel I understand his desire to make the stone his own, to carve it beautifully.  Stone has this pull and it satisfies deeply.

On my travels I notice stone, and wonder how and why and love to see how the carving was done.  Actually I am very lucky here at home, so I thought I would show you some of the stones 'on my doorstep', the stones I see every day, on the way to the workshop, the post box or close-by in the village, which make me happy.

The first is a beautiful and unusual lintel, over one of the doors of our house - The Hap of a Life Good or Ill the Choyce of a Wife.

It makes me smile, and I've seen many a passer-by looking and wondering.  More beauties to follow.


  1. Hi again, thought I was up and at it early but you've beaten me!! Fibres and quilts bring out a similar reaction for me - instead of looking at stone though I'm out going ooooo, like the colour of that sheep - my kids think its hilarious!!

  2. Great! We're all looking so differently at things, seeing potentials and how we could create with them, seeing in our own little worlds.

  3. Wonderful lintel! Yes, we do see through our own eyes..but our vision can open beyond our small worlds..don't you think?

  4. Hello Linda - thanks for popping in - and you're right, sometimes my brain is not big enough for how open my eyes will go, or is it the other way round?! Oh to be a visionary!

  5. Yes, I agree brain or eyes are not always moving at the same pace!


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