Thursday, 10 November 2011

Plant Tags

My vegetable garden has been tidied today, there was a lot of brown, which is now composting.   There are just a few tomato plants which continue to produce, which I crop  most days.  Also still really beautiful is my herb bed, with parsley thick and abundant and I'm getting the odd strawberry too.  

I'm drawing up my plans for next year, with extra beds and just so I don't forget what I have planted where, I've made these special Plant Labels.  These Plant Tags will be useful to name the beds, but  actually could be used to name, or say anything you like.  I've made three designs which can have an inscripton carved on the front, making a rather smart hanging tag.

Plant Labels - Made in Stone range by Jennifer Tetlow

One plant label for Herbs, another for Beans ... but they can be lettered with wording of your choice.  Carved in my usual sandstone, so perfect for outdoors and garden organising.

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