Friday, 25 November 2011

Ryedale ArtWorks

Ryedale ArtWorks is the new name for my local Art Group.  It was all made official last night, with a launch party - food galore, cakes, balloons, games, laughter!  It is a group which has been running for a little while, Chaired and largely organised by Yvette Turnbull the Creative Economy Officer for Ryedale District Council.  We are so lucky with our Arts Officer - she is a marvel and a real live support system for all artists in the area.

So, over the last five years we have been meeting in all sorts of spaces, on hillsides, in studios and galleries and in people's homes, and we have discussed all sorts of topics from artist residencies to marketing, from rural business development to making relationships with galleries.  Now we have become a constitued organisation - creating a members led group with fresh and exciting plans, with the beginnings of a website Ryedale

It is very motivating and inspiring to meet other creative practitioners, to discuss ideas and projects, support one another, pool resources and just learn about the painting, drawing, printing, sculpture, glass, textiles, paper and wood that are the creative output of artist friends locally.

We're on the map! There is a strong visual arts community in Ryedale and with Yvette as our first cheerleader, supporting our progress and development, we'll go far.

Is anyone part of an art group, I would love to hear about how yours works - perhaps we can link or collaborate in some way. 


  1. It was so great to see you last night Jennifer, you were so enthusiastic! Like you, I am sure we shall all go on to bigger and better things and have fun along the way. Best wishes, Sue Gough

  2. Sue, thanks. I got so busy chatting I forgot to put my post-it suggestions on the relevant walls - hope we can catch up with this next time. All best.

  3. Best of luck with RAW! Sometimes an organization is worth is all just knowing you're not alone and seeing how your peers make art and business work.
    Eleven years ago I helped found the Pacific Northwest Sculptors organization.
    The best part of most of us is meeting in each other's studios. I love seeing what inspires other people, what art is up on their walls?
    We've had growing pains, and it still seems like the same 5 people are doing all the work, but that's the story for most non profits. Gradually we've grown to be able to organize sculpture shows, acquire member discounts at art suppliers, ( a noble perk), and generate a working website that serves our needs.

  4. Patrick thanks so much - great to hear about your experience, we too came together initially as it was felt there were not enough opportunities to meet other creative practitioners, isolation and limited opportunities to discuss creative ideas high on the list. We too have been approaching suppliers with a view to group discounts. Will visit PNWS org and see how it is done! Thanks.


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