Monday, 18 July 2011

Back at the Workshop

How lovely it is - I'm so happy to be back in my workshop, with all familiar tools and stone around me.

The show was so busy, barely a moment to draw breath, a big thankyou to all visitors and all my co-exhibitors. On the last day I spent time listening and watching the demonstration by Richard Keeton - I am in awe.  His work is beautiful and he works beautifully.  The demonstration was to show the techniques involved in dry point etching and I have never seen a copper plate so carefully and lovingly inked, wiped and printed.  He's very inspiring!

Here's one of his paintings, a watercolour, Old Bantams,  I think my favourite in the show.   I can only apologise to him that I have reproduced it so badly here.  If ever you get the chance to see his work, do - it is exciting and powerful and very beautiful.

I've learned a lot from this exhition, about exhibiting, showing work and about being a professional artist - again thanks to you all for welcoming me and being so open and giving of time and expertise.

Anyway - back at the workshop.  Just a few days has seen such changes.  Pigeon young have flown and I have two more eggs!  My goslings are now quite grown and only have the tiniest fluff remaining on their pristine new feathers.

Vegetables galore - so exciting, I'm picking strawberries, gooseberries, cucumber, courgette and broad beans!  Herbs are exploding out of their bed and netting surround - the geese are fond of plucking destructively at my lemony herbs and parsley, so it is fenced off.

It all needs a bit of tidying and weeding and getting under control!  The cucumber tasted amazing - I had a whole one for breakfast!  Runner Beans have run to the top of their canes - do I pinch them out now?  Or train them  to come down?

Yes, must have a weeding session, huge nettles with huge stings, docks and others I don't know the name of, that don't pull up easily.  Weeding in the rain, tending my vegetables.  Bliss. 


  1. Sounds like the show was worth going to. The dry point etching demonstration sounds very interesting!

    I think you do pinch out the top of runner beans now as it'll encourage them to grow more bushy. I didn't do it last year and ended up with lots of dangley growth and most of the beans underneath it all lower down.

  2. Thanks Janey, I'm keen to get scratching with my needle now! And thanks for the runner bean advice, I'll get snipping!


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