Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Special Preview

For all my blog friends, those new - welcome - and those of you who regularly read and comment - thankyou, you're lovely company - here is a first view of one of the new pieces I am showing at my Ludlow exhibition.   Red Fox is carved from a block of sandstone, which is rusty in colour, so very fitting.

I've got a really early start in the morning, driving to Ludlow to set up my exhibition 'My Chisel and I' which starts on Friday the 24th July - there's a Meet the Artist that evening - and then it runs to 7th August.  I've been loading up the van today, and it is a tight squeeze!  The Ludlow Assembly Rooms have a huge window at the front and I've made a poster to hang there - it isn't often you get the opportunity to put your name up in lights, and I couldn't pass it up, so bought some hardboard and paint and set to!

This is eight feet by four feet, so hopefully it will show up. I had forgotten how difficult it was to paint a straight line - don't look too closely, there are lots of wobbles.   I did a smaller board with my tools on as well. 

The gallery is on the 5th floor, so it will be quite a day setting up - luckily they've got a lift!


  1. I would love to be able to attend but since there's a whole ocean in the way I don't think it's likely. love the fox.

  2. Best of luck with your show! The fox is wonderful, but I want to see more photos of just it in the round....because i want to know how you dealt with the tail and feet.

  3. Good luck with the show. The fox looks great.

  4. he is beautiful! have a great exhibition

  5. Ellen, thanks - wish you could make it over.

    Patrick - You're right - sorry you can only see half of Fox - I rather romantically thought he would look lovely in the meadow next to my workshop which is magnificent at the moment! Will post more images on my website soon.

    Stuart and Alison - thanks, I hope it goes well too!

  6. Jennifer,
    I really resonate w/ your work. It is just lovely... the lines are so smooth & organic. The fox is brilliant, and of course I am partial to your Polar Bears! I wish you weren't so far away... I'd love to come to your show! I would like to try stone work one day.... but for now, I am hooked on clay, and w/ working... I find it hard to fit in all the creative things I'd love to do! Have a wonderful show!


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