Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ludlow Stone Carving Course

What a lovely time, spent with my group of beginner carvers, who did incredibly well with their sculptures in just one day.  Each piece was so different, showing a little individual something from the maker.

 We had a real mix, a very ambitious piece based on Rodin's 'The Thinker', which showed considerable skill for a first time carve; very characterful and delicate relief carving; a bird (looked like something I might have carved!) which was smooth and rounded and sat in the hand so comfortably; a head carved with great free spirit, evolving as it went;  lettercutting, a beautiful line of verse with each letter becoming smoother, neater and more confident, and a fossil encrusted boulder, with amonites and shells protruding and bursting out.  Everyone worked really hard - it was hot, and they all barely stopped, with quick bites for lunch before getting back to work.  Well done all - I am very proud of your efforts.

Ludlow looked wonderful, I shall explore more when I go down again later in the month for my exhibition.  I did go astray in the one-way system, but it meant I saw more in finding my way back!

Must mention too, all the lovely people at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, who were super friendly and helpful and made me feel very welcome.  When I left, most of them were covered in stone dust from helping me move everything and load up.  It was quite a sight, from our work room, a line of carvers carrying sculpture and people carrying workbenches and tools, leaving a trail of stone-dusty footprints down the corridor - thankyou for helping make it a very successful and happy day, and sorry for the mess! 

PS:  But don't worry -  it is what I call 'clean dirt'!


  1. Hi Jennifer - thanks for popping over to projectforty. I'm going to come back having just done my first 3-D module as part of my degree. Am trying to cook up the week's meals all in one go and it's all coming together about now! See you again soon.

  2. oh, those lucky students. wish I were one.


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