Friday, 22 April 2011

What a good Friday

I was greeted this morning with the sweetest peeping.

There are three, one egg remains and I'm not sure if this will hatch, perhaps it was not fertile, or maybe there will be another fluffy yellow by this evening!

They are all wobbly legs and eager - a joy to watch.  I'm going to do some sketching this afternoon, and see if I can capture some of that day one delight.  (Goose sculpture incubating?).

Here's proud Dad.

Gander - pencil sketch - © Jennifer Tetlow

1 comment:

  1. Your posts are such a treat!! How adorable, nothing sweeter than chicks, we have ducklings on our little river, could watch them all day!

    Btw, I can't stop thinking about a tulip bud shaped statue in our new flowerbed! On a plinth so it stands out amongst the silvery foliage and purpley plants - swoon!!! 5 Cardoons have gone in as a tall silvery spine to the border, and amazing dark purple tulips in a swathe at the front for springtime. Will go with bit more deep reds, maybe knautia for later on, still planning the rest. Nothing makes me happier!! Bliss. Could you email me with your thoughts and ballpark price for stone statue? Still debating merits of back or no back on the bench, bear with us, we will decide! xx


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