Friday, 8 April 2011


Normally I'm really excited on my quarry visit days, when I'm getting new stone.  But this collection got me squeeling and jumping about like a child thing.  My new Greenhouse!

They said they would deliver it, but I kept chasing and asking if it had arrived, and then hot-footed to collect the boxes as I couldn't wait any longer.

Of course, putting it all together slowed me down a bit.

The base was great, I just made it really simple - stone flags - really pleased, though if I'm honest the bubble on the spirit level was pushing the left line (I kept shaking and re-positioning it as if this would make it suddenly behave and be in perfect centre). 

So then to assembly - it was a bit like Meccano - very enjoyable.  I was always acutely jealous of my brother when he received sets for Birthday or Christmas and overjoyed if he asked me to make something with him.

All went well, I joined the sections and tightened the nuts and had my four walls and roof, then to the door.  The door frame was fine - but putting on the rubber seals was just silly.  I tugged and pushed, squeezed and pulled and cursed!  At one point I decided I didn't need seals and hung the door anyway, but determined, went back to my rubber wrestling.  I tried oiling, warming, powdering and in the end rather ugly brute force won the day.  Do let me know if I missed a trick here, and you've found an easier way than blisters and shredded finger ends!

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  1. How exciting, a greenhouse allows you to grow lots of things which would otherwise be hard to grow here. My greenhouse is only 4X6, very small, but I pack it full and it's better than nothing.


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