Sunday, 17 April 2011

Stone Birdbath

The most asked for feature when I am making a Stone Birdbath specially for someone, is a larger top.   I've pushed this to the limit with my standard birdbath design, and eventually it began to look a bit 'top-heavy'.  I've always felt that Birdbaths need to be raised up, to reduce a predation risk to the birds while drinking or bathing, but here I have broken that rule and think it works quite well.  The thing I really like are the reflections you see in the water, and the wonderful view you get of the birds and their antics.

Sandstone Birdbath - 31" x 31" x 10" - © Jennifer Tetlow

The top is just a little over 30", so there's plenty room for sploshing, and I've kept the look very simple - but couldn't resist adding a bird or two!

The plain design means that the stone does the talking - the dressed edge gives a contrast with the smooth horizontal surfaces and the dish part has the grooves left by the tool used for chiselling out the bowl.

Here I've just dressed the side of the stone with the pitching tool - and with no surprise this is called a pitched edge - and I've made a bit of a start on the bowl, which is the time consuming bit.

I work carefully round the edge as I like a really clean finish, so the circle of the bowl really punches out of the flat surface in striking contrast.  You will see the claw tool marks, which I'm trying to get even and all converging in the centre.

Then final fettling and hosing down ready for the birds.

I've made this stone birdbath in a circular shape too and am working on an octagonal one.

Is there a feature or design you would like to see in a Birdbath?  Do let me know, and I will try to incorporate it into the next one I make.


  1. My wish list is growing longer.

  2. Hi Jennifer, thanks for calling in on my site - my linking up with the museum is set to last for this season, I think the museum stays open until october so it is going to be quite a session. I do love your stonework, I like the roundedness you achieve its a bit like the curves I like so much in the celtic designs I get inspired by. Are you actually able to sustain a living doing this? I despair at this end sometimes, well most of the time!! :)

  3. I always enjoy catching up with what you have on your blog Jennifer. I love that bird bath. Your sculptured lines are always so beautiful and unfussy. The table really works in the low format but I understand your reservations about little birdie predators. We have one or two of those in the garden but they manage to clamber up our bird table which is quite tall, although being made of wood is quite easy for them to scale.


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